Saddleworth Shopping

We are an online company where our main interest are centred on hospitality and party sectors. We have been producing personalised items for these markets since before the turn of the century, and have gained an excellent reputation for our product quality and our customer service.

While working in this market we have  had many enquires for related products, which unfortunately we don’t manufacture.  We’re not averse to bringing new products on line, but we prefer to concentrate on where we have the expertise. Do what we know about  – and do it well. But we felt that we wanted to help point people to a site where they could get some stimuli for their ideas and, if they liked what they saw,  maybe make a few direct purchases.

We therefore decided to create this additional site that would pull together some of the products – plus a few additional ones – that are associated with our core activity.

So here on this site you will see several products that are linked to the birthdays, hen nights, wedding service, the wedding reception and the honeymoon.  For example, we have highlighted several products that will undoubtedly be of interest to anyone planning a wedding.  From bridal jewellery, wedding favours, shoes, makeup, perfume and lingerie through to the  honeymoon. …  and we haven’t forgotten the Groom.

Sometimes, the array of products that you need for a party or wedding can be a little bewildering and the choices intimidating. This can very easily become a turn-off.

You can avoid those problems on our site here at saddleworth-shopping where everything is simply shown in its categories. There’s loads of  products available for sale on our site, at great prices.  You can browse them all, at your leisure, and compare the descriptions before you make a purchase.

So check us out, and see how easy it is to find the right perfume.