Welcome to our web site for candles, tea and coffee.

It might seem like an odd combination of products, but there is a link back into our past business interests.

We ran a Candle Shop for many years, importing and retailing a wide range of not just candles, but also essential oils, waxes, scents, burners and many other novel gifts - including hand carved chess sets  (which are now on their own website).  Prior to that we ran a cafe and tea shop.

So, whilst, on initial viewing, the link might seem somewhat tenuous, there is in fact a link - en though it might be one that is personal and only makes sense to us !

May be the link is also unknowingly there with the tealight candle?!

Having now decided to deal exclusively with online sales, we wanted to concentrate on products that we used and enjoyed.

So, share our passion for these products - browse the site and you will hopefully find the product you never realised you wanted!     Enjoy!